Un Monde

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At her new school, Nora gets torn between the will to help her peeved brother and the need to integrate into this new community. Nora is trapped in a loyalty conflict, divided between her father urging her to react and her brother who asks her to remain silent. Although at first she is in solidarity with her brother, Nora will betraye him in an attempt to secure her own connection with the rest of the community.

Written and directed by Laura Wandel
Produced by Dragons Film (BE)
Coproduced by Lunanime
Cast: Laura Verlinden, Sophie Leboutte, Karim Leklou

Genre: Drama feature film




17-year-old Cleo survives a tragic car accident in which both her parents lose their lives. Her grandmother tries to offer Cleo and her brother a home, but ends up bearing the brunt of a rebellious teenager, who searches for comfort with the 12-year older and mysterious Leos.

Directed and writen by Eva Cools
Cast: Anna Franziska Jäger, Yolande Moreau, Roy Aernouts, Martha Canga Antonio, Natali Broods, Lucie Debay, Ishaq El Akel

Production Company: Lunanime

Sales and distribution : Lumière Publishing (Benelux), Be for Films (Worldwide)

Genre: Drama, feature

Running time : 110′

Language : Dutch, French








Mia tells the story of a home nurse whom we follow on what appears to be an ordinary day. The encounters she has ultimately lead to a confrontation with herself.

Director: Christina Vandekerckhove
Production Company: Lunanime, InHinterland
Cast: Sofie Decleir, Billy Valcke, Ilse de Koe, Tibo Vandenborre, Viviane De Muynck, Pieter Genard, Dolores Bouckaert, Christine Verheyden

Festival distribution (worldwide) : Agence belge du court métrage

International sales : Lumière Publishing

Genre: Fiction, short

 stad Gent, dienst Werk, afdeling sociale economie, LDE | MVO ...



Kom hier dat ik u kus

Voorkant boek

When Mona is nine, her mother dies in a car accident. Her father Vincent finds another lover called Marie, who is younger and very demanding as she claims all the attention as “new” mother. Mona needs to call her ‘mom’ and on top of that Marie gets pregnant soon after moving in with their family. Mona makes the best of it in her own way as she feels responsible for the success of this new family, even though it is at the expensive of her own feelings. We follow her throughout her childhood, twenties and thirties and see how she starts to realize she has to stop letting people walk all over her.

Based on the book “Kom hier dat ik u kus” by Griet Op de Beeck.

Directors & writers: Sabine Lubbe Bakker, Niels van Koevorden

Producers: Submarine (NL), Lunanime (BE)

Genre: drama, tragi-comedy
Running time: 100′
Language: Dutch


Sthlm Requiem


Cast: Liv Mjönes (Agent Hamilton), Mikael Birkkjaer (Borgen), Jonas Karlsson (Beck), Alexej Manvelov (Occupied, Arne Dahl), Sanna Sundqvist, Axel Daeseleire, Joke Devynck, Natali Broods, Ronny Waterschoot

While each episode is self-contained, they are all framed by a main, cohesive case involving all of the series’ main characters. The series has a unique time scale, each film taking place a year after the previous one. This will allow the series to chronicle the greater changes within its characters and society.

Little girl disappears from a platform at Stockholm’s Central Station. The girl’s father quickly falls under suspicion and every effort is made to locate him. New recruit Fredrika Bergman however, suspects that he is innocent and she battles to steer her colleagues Alex and Peder in another direction.

An elderly priest and his wife, who have been secretly helping refugees for years, are found dead in their apartment in the Odenplan area of Stockholm. Having left a note, outwardly it appears to have been suicide, the police suspect foul play.

There’s an Israeli legend about “the Paper Boy”, a figure who abducts children in the night. No-one really remembers this old myth until two children disappear from the Jewish Salomon School in Stockholm. When a teacher is shot dead in front of his pupils the next day, people wonder if the Paper Boy has reawakened.

The remains of a young woman reported missing several years before are discovered pasted in the concrete below Slussen. She was one of Alex and Peder’s cases in episode 1. Soon more grim discoveries are made at the crime scene – hidden secrets, decades old.

A finance executive is found murdered in his luxury home and a cryptic note is discovered at the scene. More murders follow, all seemingly unconnected apart from the fact that each of the victims had previously been investigated by the team (in the previous episodes) and all of them somehow evaded justice.

Directors: Karin Fahlén & Lisa Ohlin

Producers: Piodor Gustaffson, Martina Stöhr, Petra Jönsson – Spark Film & TV (SE), Jan De Clercq & Annemie Degryse – Lunanime (BE)

Writers: Jörgen Hjerdt, Pauline Wolff

Release: 2019


Genre: Swedish fiction series, based on books by Kristina Ohlsson
Running time: 5 x 90′





Cast: Sibel Kekilli, Krista KosonenDragomir Mrsic, Koen De Bouw

BULLETS is a character-driven drama thriller about an exceptionally gifted undercover cop MARI SAARI, who delves dangerously deep in the roles that she is playing.

In season one the undercover cop MARI SAARI infiltrates the inner circle of a suicide bomber recruiter MADINA TABUROVA who has travelled to Finland for her final mission. The only way to prevent the unthinkable from happening is for Mari to befriend the menacing Madina.

But everything is not as it seems. The real reason Madina has come to Finland is not destruction, but reconstruction, as Madina tries to reunite with her long lost daughter.

In exchange for her daughter, a hidden cabal of conspirators are forcing Madina to execute a political assassination disguised as a terrorist attack.

Mari needs to reveal hidden forces operating behind the scenes who pressure Madina to carry out a lethal attack.

Director: Antti J. Jokinen

Producers: Minna Virtanen (Vertigo, Finland)
Peter Nadermann & Thomas Disch (Nadcon Film, Duitsland)
Jan De Clercq & Annemie Degryse (Lunanime, België)

Writers: Antti Pesonen & Matti Laine, Kirsi Vikman

Concept: Minna Virtanen, Antti Pesonen


Filming dates: October 2017 

Genre: tv-series, crime
Running time: 10 x 45′



State Of Happiness


Cast: Bart Edwards, Anne Regine Ellingsæter, Amund Harboe, Malene Wadel

STATE OF HAPPINESS is a TV drama series that tells the story of Western prosperity, a changing nation, a Klondike town, and four young people who are thrown into a whirlwind of opportunities. Everything is moving, everything is new, it´s a great, at times scary and threatening, unknown.  How are they all going to deal with it?

Director: Petter Næss

Producer: Synnøve Hørsdal & Ales Ree (Maipo Film, Norway); Jan De Clercq & Annemie Degryse (Lunanime, Belgium)


Original title: Lykkeland – based on a concept of Siv Rajendram Ellassen and an idea of Synnøve Hørsdal
tv-series, drama
Running time: 8 x 45′



The Team 2


Belgian cast: Lynn Van Royen, Soufiane Chilah, Tom Vermeir, Dahlia Pessemiers, Joren Seldeslachts, Dikra El Bacha, Abdel Malik Farhouni, Lucas Van den Eynde, Steve Geerts
International cast: Jürgen Vogel, Marie Bach Hansen, Sarah Perles

The murder of seven seemingly unconnected European civilians in a pension in the Danish marshlands brings together a team of investigators from Denmark, Germany and Belgium. What seems to be an act of terror soon leads the detectives into a case of international art dealing that involves players from the Middle East throughout Europe – from the very bottom to the very top of society.

Director: Kasper Gaardsøe

Producers: Network Movie (D), Lunanime (B), Nordisk Film (DK) en Superfilm (A)


Genre: fiction series
Duur: 8 x 58′



Occupied II

Occupied II

Cast:  Eldar SkarJanne Heltberg, Ane Dahl Torp

If you had to choose between safety and freedom, what would you choose? The season starts with an armed conflict between the Norwegian Coast Guard and a Russian Security Company guarding the oil installation at Melkøya in Northern Norway. Weapons are pointed at one another. No one wants to back down. This highly tense crisis situation creates a chain of conflicts that has severe consequences – politically and personally. The question that everybody has to ask themselves constantly is: Who can you trust?

Director: Erik Skjoldbjærg

Producer: Yellow Bird Norge, Lunanime

Writer: Jo Nesbø, Karianne Lund (script supervisor)


Genre: Fiction series
Running time: 8 x 45′





Cast: Ola Rapace (Skyfall, Wallander), Tomas Laustiola (Den Fördömde), Aliette Opheim (Johan Falk, Thicker Than Water)

The series opens with the brutal murder of Yngve Ruda, Head of the Triton police unit and Hassel’s father figure. Hassel is struck with grief and anger, and lets his emotions govern his chase for the killer. He is not afraid to go outside the law in order to find the murderer. Because of his legal violations he makes himself another enemy – the head of internal affairs, Fatima Nidal. The more Hassel investigates Rudas’ past, the more secrets surface about the man he thought he knew. Clues lead both to Hassel’s own colleagues and to high-ranking politicians. It is increasingly difficult to know whom he can trust…

Director: Eshref Reybrouck, Amir Chamdin

Producer: Lunanime, NiceDrama, ViaSat/Viaplay

Writer: Olov Svedelid


Genre: crime series
Running time: 10 x 45′