After having burnt all her bridges within in the metropolitan police, Anita, a young female detective is forced to leave Reykjavik.The only post available is in her childhood village, an ugly oasis, sitting in the middle of an endless desert of black sand, where she has to face her abusive mother for the first time in 10 years. Although her first case initially seems to be an accident, i.e. when a dead tourist is found on the Black Beach, it sends her on a dark journey into the past, unravelling a serial killer that has been operating for years, disguising his murders as accidents. After a surviving witness from one of the attacks describes the killer as a female police officer, Anita realises that the killer could be a lot closer than she thought.

Director: Baldvin Z
Scenario: Baldvin Z, Ragnar JONSSON, Adis Amah HAMILTON
Producers: Jan De Clercq, Annemie Degryse, Abby Haflidadottir, Andri Omarsson, Hordur Runarsson
Produced by: Glassriver
Co-produced by: Lunanime
Cast: Thorvaldur David, Steinunn Olina

Genre: Live action series