11-year-old Lucien lives with his mother Cécile, his older brother Mattéo and dog Sheitan in a remote village in the Ardennes. He is withdrawn and avoids people. He only has contact with Lies, his only friend, and her father, who runs a small sawmill in the village.

Lucien never talks about his father, the most hated man in the country. For the past two years, Lucien has done everything in his power to forget him.

Everything changes when Lucien’s grandmother dies and his father is allowed to attend the funeral, handcuffed and protected by the police from popular anger. Lucien is upset when he sees his father like this. Against the advice of those around him, he decides to seek contact with his father again. Even though by doing this he puts everything at risk …

Genre: Feature film
Format: 90′
Vivian Goffette
Scenario: Vivian Goffette
Production Company: Lunanime, Dragon films