De achtjarige William slijt zijn dagen in eenzaamheid in het landhuis van zijn steenrijke ouders. Hij is gewend alles te krijgen wat hij maar wil, en vraagt als kerstcadeau niets minder dan de Kerstman zelf. De vader van William wil de wens van zijn zoon inwilligen en neemt een vermaard jager onder de arm. De gewetenloze huurling zet een val uit voor zijn bijzondere prooi. Zal de ondoordachte wens van William een eind maken aan de magie van kerst?

William, eight years old, is used to getting anything he wants. He demands Santa himself as his Christmas present, so her father hires a famous hunter. Will William’s rash demand bring an end to the magic of Christmas?

Director : Marc Robinet

Script: Alain Gagnol

Graphics: Samuel Ribeyron 

NL Voice Cast: Warre Borgmans, Matisse Schepens, Rocky Sturm, Ron Cornet, Maarten Bosmans, Ward Bal, Ivan Pecnik, Vicky Florus

Genre: Adventure/ Action, tale humour
Running time: 26′
Language: Dutch

Producent: Lunanime and Folimage
Coproductie: RTBF, VRT- Ketnet

Supported by: Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Département de la Drôme, Valence Romans Agglo, Procirep, Angoa, Alcimé, Canal+, Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds, Tax Shelter, Gebeka Films, Prime Entertainment Group

Un Monde


Un Monde is on the Oscar shortlist of 15 films in the category Best International Feature. The film is on an impressive run of festival selections and top prizes, including for Laura Wandel’s excellent direction and the absolutely stunning acting by the young Maya Vanderbeque.


Set in Belgium, the film follows 7-year-old Nora and her big brother Abel going back to school. When Nora witnesses Abel being bullied by other kids, she rushes to protect him by warning their father. But Abel forces her to remain silent. Caught in a conflict of loyalty, Nora will ultimately try to find her place, torn between children’s and adult’s worlds.

Written and directed by Laura Wandel
Produced by Dragons Films (BE)
Coproduced by Lunanime
Cast: Maya Vanderbeque, Günter Duret, Karim Leklou, Laura Verlinden
Supported by: Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF), Centre du Cinéma et de l’Audiovisuel de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, VOO & BeTV, Lumière

Genre: Drama feature film






February 1939. Overwhelmed by the Republicans fleeing Franco’s dictatorship, the French government confines them in concentration camps. Two men will become friends. On is guard and the other is Josep Bartolí, drawer and anti-Franco combatant.

Director: Aurel
Scenario: Jean-Louis Milesi
Produced by: Serge Lalou – Les films d’Ici Méditerranée
Production Company: Imagic Telecom, France 3 Cinéma, Les Films du Poisson Rouge, Lunanime, Tchack, In Efecto, Les Fées Spéciale

Benelux Distributor:  Lumière Publishing

International Sales: The Party Film Sales







17-year-old Cleo survives a tragic car accident in which both her parents lose their lives. Her grandmother tries to offer Cleo and her brother a home, but ends up bearing the brunt of a rebellious teenager, who searches for comfort with the 12-year older and mysterious Leos.

Directed and writen by Eva Cools
Cast: Anna Franziska Jäger, Yolande Moreau, Roy Aernouts, Martha Canga Antonio, Natali Broods, Lucie Debay, Ishaq El Akel

Production Company: Lunanime

Sales and distribution : Lumière Publishing (Benelux), Be for Films (Worldwide)

Genre: Drama, feature

Running time : 110′

Language : Dutch, French








Mia tells the story of a home nurse whom we follow on what appears to be an ordinary day. The encounters she has ultimately lead to a confrontation with herself.

Director: Christina Vandekerckhove
Production Company: Lunanime, InHinterland
Cast: Sofie Decleir, Billy Valcke, Ilse de Koe, Tibo Vandenborre, Viviane De Muynck, Pieter Genard, Dolores Bouckaert, Christine Verheyden

Festival distribution (worldwide) : Agence belge du court métrage

International sales : Lumière Publishing

Genre: Fiction, short

 stad Gent, dienst Werk, afdeling sociale economie, LDE | MVO ...





In the oldest city of the Middle East, a Kurdish student, a Muslim musician and a Christian little girl are part of a cultural mosaic. When vicious noises bring war upon their city, a mysterious sunfish appears to save them.

Written and directed by Imge Özbilge

Co-directed by Sine Özbilge

Produced by Annemie Degryse

In Co-production with Anne-Laure Guégan, Géraldine Sprimont 

 Sales & Distribution by MIYU (worldwide), Lumière Publishing (Benelux)

Duration: 14:45

Technique : Traditional & 2D animation , Watercolouring

Genre: Animation short film





Directors statement 

Coming from a multicultural background Imge Özbilge has been interested in the clash of cultures.
The duality between tradition and modernity, the East and the West is a recurring topic in the artist and directors works. Mosaic is handling a fragile topic with the intention of breaking certain prejudgments created by the Media towards Middle Eastern cultures. The vocabulary used in the media and our daily news addressing people in need as ‘refugees’ or as a ‘problem’ is creating a distance from the humanitarian aspect. The Middle East is a culturally rich and very diverse geography where many cultures have lived together throughout centuries. Mosaic aims to remind its audience about this multiculturality by portraying divers yet ordinary people from daily life. One of the main challenges in creating the characters of Mosaic was to give them traditional Middle Eastern assets without orientalising them.
During the creation of the world of Mosaic the directors aimed to mirror the odd beauty that is coming out of the clash of traditions and post capitalism in our ‘modern’ world. Migration has always been a part of human history. It is the mix of cultures which has enriched our societies throughout time. At times like these it is crucial to remember that Humanity comes above all Nations.

Imge Özbilge’s Graduation film ‘Camouflage’ premiered in the official selection of the Cannes Film Festival in 2017. This selection opened up many new possibilities for the young director. In 2018, Imge started collaborating with her sister Sine Özbilge on Sine’s debut film ‘#21XOXO’, which premiered in 2019 at the BFI Film Festival in London. It won several awards and continues to be in the festival circuit. During the production of #21XOXO, Imge was simultaneously developing her next short film ‘Mosaic’ produced by Lunanime and co-directed by Sine Özbilge.


Next to directing animated short movies, Imge Özbilge is also experimenting with the medium of animation as an art form. She analyses the boarders between animated film and installation art, questioning its midpoints and distinctions . Imge’s work is based on research and starts with a conceptual question, followed by the exploration of new visual worlds. Between 2009 and 2012, the artist conducted a research on the visualization of middle eastern mythologies. During this process she developed a passion for miniature art. Between 2014 and 2016, she inquired about the contemporary use of this art-form and wrote her thesis ‘Contemporary Ottoman Miniatures’. The surreal elements of her work are based on myths inspired by miniature art and are also a reflections of her own reality.

Lola Vers La Mer


Just when Lola, 18 years old and transgender, learns that she can finally have surgery, her mother, who is her only financial support, passes away. Abiding by her mother’s last wishes, Lola and her father, who are permanently in conflict and have not seen each other for two years, undertake a journey all the way to the Belgian coast. They realize the outcome of the journey may not be the one they were both expecting…

Genre: Feature film, drama
Mya Bollaers, Benoît Magimel, Anemone Valcke,  Els Deceukelier
Laurent Micheli
Scenario: Laurent Micheli
Production Company: Wrong Men, Lunanime, 10:15! Production


Poster Nowhere

Release datum: 06 april 2022



Ex-truckchauffeur André (55) vult zijn dagen met het opknappen van een afgelegen baancafé. Zijn routineuze bestaan wordt opgeschrikt wanneer hij de dakloze tiener Thierry betrapt op een poging tot inbraak. Sterk geraakt door zijn verhaal, neemt André hem onder zijn hoede en gaan ze op zoek naar een spoor van Thierry’s familie. Tijdens de roadtrip groeit niet alleen een bijzondere vriendschap maar ook het besef dat ze elkaar nodig hebben om het verleden te laten rusten

André, 55, lost his only daughter in an unsolved hit-and-run accident. His obsession with finding the person responsible has cost him his job and his marriage. One night, he catches Thierry, a homeless teenager, breaking into his home. Touched by the story of this boy in search of his identity, he takes him under his wing.

Director : Peter Monsaert (Offline, Le Ciel Flamand)

Cast: Koen De Bouw (The Man Who Sold His Skin ), Noa Tambwe Kabati (Welp ), Ruth Becquart (Chaussée D’Amour ), Sebastien Dewaele (Undercover ), Sofie Decleir (De Dag ) en Karlijn Sileghem (Home )

Genre: Drama, feature film
Running time: 110′
Language: Dutch, French

Release datum: 06 april 2022

Produced by: Lunanime
In coproduction with Need Productions

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📷: Koen De Bouw, Noa Tambwe Kabati & Peter Monsaert (by Filip Van Roe)

Nowhere is een productie van Lunanime (producenten Jan De Clercq en Annemie Degryse), in coproductie met Need Productions, Telenet en Eén. De film kwam tot stand met steun van het VAF/Filmfonds van Vlaams minister van Cultuur Jan Jambon en van het Vlaams noodfonds corona van de Vlaamse regering, de Stad Gent, Fédération Wallonie – Bruxelles, Creative Europe Media, Lumière Invest en Lumière Publishing.

Copyright stills:

1) Filip Van Roe 2) Lumière 3) Lumière 4) Maxime Lahousse

Grond (Soil)



Anyone who, as a Muslim, kicks the bucket in Belgium, saddles their next of kin with a delicate dilemma: “Do we bury them here or in the country of origin?” The young Ishmael ‘Smile’ Boulasmoum, who together with his sister inherits his father’s repatriation business, finds a solution: what if we bring soil from Morocco to bury our dead in it? We’re starting a business in soil! Without realizing it, they open Pandora’s ‘coffin’.

Writers:  Zouzou Ben Chikha, Wannes Cappelle, Dries Heyneman
Directors: Adil El Arbi, Bilall Fallah, Mathieu Mortelmans

Cast: Yassine Ouiach, Ward Kerremans, Ahlaam Teghadouini, Saïd Boumazoughe, Ben Hamidou, Charlotte De Bruyne, Barbara Sarafian, Reinhilde Decleir, Dries Heyneman, Emilie De Roo, Tom Vermeir, Mourade Zeguendi, Wannes Cappelle

Producer: Jan De Clercq (Lunanime)
Belgian broadcaster: VIER (SBS Belgium)

Genre: dramedy
Running time:
8 x 45′
Language: Dutch, French, Arabic

Kom hier dat ik u kus

Voorkant boek

When Mona is nine, her mother dies in a car accident. Her father Vincent finds another lover called Marie, who is younger and very demanding as she claims all the attention as “new” mother. Mona needs to call her ‘mom’ and on top of that Marie gets pregnant soon after moving in with their family. Mona makes the best of it in her own way as she feels responsible for the success of this new family, even though it is at the expensive of her own feelings. We follow her throughout her childhood, twenties and thirties and see how she starts to realize she has to stop letting people walk all over her.

Based on the book “Kom hier dat ik u kus” by Griet Op de Beeck.

Directors & writers: Sabine Lubbe Bakker, Niels van Koevorden

Producers: Submarine (NL), Lunanime (BE)

Genre: drama, tragi-comedy
Running time: 100′
Language: Dutch