Cast: Liv Mjönes (Agent Hamilton), Mikael Birkkjaer (Borgen), Jonas Karlsson (Beck), Alexej Manvelov (Occupied, Arne Dahl), Sanna Sundqvist, Axel Daeseleire, Joke Devynck, Natali Broods, Ronny Waterschoot

While each episode is self-contained, they are all framed by a main, cohesive case involving all of the series’ main characters. The series has a unique time scale, each film taking place a year after the previous one. This will allow the series to chronicle the greater changes within its characters and society.

Little girl disappears from a platform at Stockholm’s Central Station. The girl’s father quickly falls under suspicion and every effort is made to locate him. New recruit Fredrika Bergman however, suspects that he is innocent and she battles to steer her colleagues Alex and Peder in another direction.

An elderly priest and his wife, who have been secretly helping refugees for years, are found dead in their apartment in the Odenplan area of Stockholm. Having left a note, outwardly it appears to have been suicide, the police suspect foul play.

There’s an Israeli legend about “the Paper Boy”, a figure who abducts children in the night. No-one really remembers this old myth until two children disappear from the Jewish Salomon School in Stockholm. When a teacher is shot dead in front of his pupils the next day, people wonder if the Paper Boy has reawakened.

The remains of a young woman reported missing several years before are discovered pasted in the concrete below Slussen. She was one of Alex and Peder’s cases in episode 1. Soon more grim discoveries are made at the crime scene – hidden secrets, decades old.

A finance executive is found murdered in his luxury home and a cryptic note is discovered at the scene. More murders follow, all seemingly unconnected apart from the fact that each of the victims had previously been investigated by the team (in the previous episodes) and all of them somehow evaded justice.

Directors: Karin Fahlén & Lisa Ohlin

Producers: Piodor Gustaffson, Martina Stöhr, Petra Jönsson – Spark Film & TV (SE), Jan De Clercq & Annemie Degryse – Lunanime (BE)

Writers: Jörgen Hjerdt, Pauline Wolff

Release: 2019


Genre: Swedish fiction series, based on books by Kristina Ohlsson
Running time: 5 x 90′