Cast: Ola Rapace (Skyfall, Wallander), Tomas Laustiola (Den Fördömde), Aliette Opheim (Johan Falk, Thicker Than Water)

The series opens with the brutal murder of Yngve Ruda, Head of the Triton police unit and Hassel’s father figure. Hassel is struck with grief and anger, and lets his emotions govern his chase for the killer. He is not afraid to go outside the law in order to find the murderer. Because of his legal violations he makes himself another enemy – the head of internal affairs, Fatima Nidal. The more Hassel investigates Rudas’ past, the more secrets surface about the man he thought he knew. Clues lead both to Hassel’s own colleagues and to high-ranking politicians. It is increasingly difficult to know whom he can trust…

Director: Eshref Reybrouck, Amir Chamdin

Producer: Lunanime, NiceDrama, ViaSat/Viaplay

Writer: Olov Svedelid


Genre: crime series
Running time: 10 x 45′