Cast: Sibel Kekilli, Krista KosonenDragomir Mrsic, Koen De Bouw

BULLETS is a character-driven drama thriller about an exceptionally gifted undercover cop MARI SAARI, who delves dangerously deep in the roles that she is playing.

In season one the undercover cop MARI SAARI infiltrates the inner circle of a suicide bomber recruiter MADINA TABUROVA who has travelled to Finland for her final mission. The only way to prevent the unthinkable from happening is for Mari to befriend the menacing Madina.

But everything is not as it seems. The real reason Madina has come to Finland is not destruction, but reconstruction, as Madina tries to reunite with her long lost daughter.

In exchange for her daughter, a hidden cabal of conspirators are forcing Madina to execute a political assassination disguised as a terrorist attack.

Mari needs to reveal hidden forces operating behind the scenes who pressure Madina to carry out a lethal attack.

Director: Antti J. Jokinen

Producers: Minna Virtanen (Vertigo, Finland)
Peter Nadermann & Thomas Disch (Nadcon Film, Duitsland)
Jan De Clercq & Annemie Degryse (Lunanime, België)

Writers: Antti Pesonen & Matti Laine, Kirsi Vikman

Concept: Minna Virtanen, Antti Pesonen


Filming dates: October 2017 

Genre: tv-series, crime
Running time: 10 x 45′