Director:  Jean-Loup Felicioli & Alain Gagnol
Producer: Folimage, Lunanime


Tulipe is a young girl of eleven who has an amazing power: she can see monsters. In order to avoid these strange apparitions she never leaves the house.

A boy her age lives on the other side of the courtyard. He is fascinated by his mysterious neighbour who moved in across from him. He would love to know her secret!

With the help of the boy, Tulipe is about to discover how these bizarre creatures are in reality a tremendous gift.


The story of Tulipe is a fantastic tale that uncovers the invisible world that exists all around us.

Everyone has a strange, intimate creature at their side. These creatures follow their human everywhere and share their emotions, thoughts, dreams all throughout their lives.

At times funny, exuberant, sad, or irritable, these extraordinary beings express without holding back what humans prefer to suppress out of politeness or shyness.

By communicating with them, Tulipe uncovers countless secrets from this fantastic reality. A gift that is about to change her life.

Technical info:


in development
feature (animation)