When André, a 54-year-old truck driver, catches the homeless teenager Thierry in a burglary, an unusual but deep friendship develops between two wandering souls. Together they go in search of Thierry’s mother, who he has never known.

Director : Peter Monsaert (Offline, Le Ciel Flamand)

Cast: Koen De Bouw (The Man Who Sold His Skin), Noa Tambwe Kabati (Welp), Ruth Becquart (Chaussée D’Amour), Sebastien Dewaele (Undercover), Sofie Decleir (De Dag) en Karlijn Sileghem (Home)

Genre: Drama, feature film
Running time: 100′
Language: Dutch, French

Production Company: Lunanime
Photos: Filip Van Roe (portraits) + Maxime Lahousse (filmstill)

In coproduction with Need Productions

📷: actors Ruth Becquart & Sebastien Dewaele
📷: director Peter Monsaert

📷: actors Koen De Bouw & Noa Tambwe Kabati