De achtjarige William slijt zijn dagen in eenzaamheid in het landhuis van zijn steenrijke ouders. Hij is gewend alles te krijgen wat hij maar wil, en vraagt als kerstcadeau niets minder dan de Kerstman zelf. De vader van William wil de wens van zijn zoon inwilligen en neemt een vermaard jager onder de arm. De gewetenloze huurling zet een val uit voor zijn bijzondere prooi. Zal de ondoordachte wens van William een eind maken aan de magie van kerst?

William, eight years old, is used to getting anything he wants. He demands Santa himself as his Christmas present, so her father hires a famous hunter. Will William’s rash demand bring an end to the magic of Christmas?

Director : Marc Robinet

Script: Alain Gagnol

Graphics: Samuel Ribeyron 

NL Voice Cast: Warre Borgmans, Matisse Schepens, Rocky Sturm, Ron Cornet, Maarten Bosmans, Ward Bal, Ivan Pecnik, Vicky Florus

Genre: Adventure/ Action, tale humour
Running time: 26′
Language: Dutch

Producent: Lunanime and Folimage
Coproductie: RTBF, VRT- Ketnet

Supported by: Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Département de la Drôme, Valence Romans Agglo, Procirep, Angoa, Alcimé, Canal+, Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds, Tax Shelter, Gebeka Films, Prime Entertainment Group

Allah n’est pas obligé

Allah poster

Birahima, a ten-year-old Guinean orphan, tells the story with the help of four dictionaries and a lot of irony of how he is thrown into the tribal war when he tries to join his aunt in Liberia. Yacouba, a scoundrel who accompanies him, convinces him to become a child soldier, while he establishes himself as a grigriman among the combatants. In the midst of chaos, torn between the many enemy factions, Birahima grows up fast and learns to distrust the stories he is told.

Director: Zaven Najjar
Scenario: Zaven Najjar & Karine Winckzura
Produced by: Special Touch Studios, Lunanime, Paul Thiltges Distributions, Need Productions

Genre: Animation feature






In the second season of STHLM Requiem, based on Kristina Olsson’s novels about Fredrika Bergman, we revisit two of our main characters during six intense episodes spanning over only one day – and one crisis.

In Stockholm, a Boeing 747 takes off for New York City. As the plane reaches cruising altitude, a message is found on board: the plane is hijacked and will explode if the demands are not met. The unknown hijackers want the deportation of a certain man in Sweden revoked, and a certain location, that turns out to be a CIA black site, closed for good. Fredrika Bergman, now working at the Swedish Justice Department has to reunite with Police Investigator Alex Recht, in order to resolve the situations. Their investigation reveals a story much more complex than they could imagine, and Fredrika’s perception of justice is challenged, as she is faced by one person’s desperate pursuit for revenge.

Director: Karin Fahlén
Scenario: Max Barron, Erik Rydell, Asa Lantz
Producers: Martina Stöhr, Jan De Clercq, Annemie Degryse
Produced by: Kärnfilm AB
Co-produced by: Lunanime
Cast: Liv Mjönes, Jonas Karlsson, Adam Lundgren

Format: 6 x 45 minutes
Genre: Live action series
Season: 2



J’aime la vie

low_J'aime La Vie - Poster Mock-Up 2

Type: Film
Category: Fiction
Production share: Majority Flemish Production
Genre: Tragi-comedy
Year of production: 2023
Production status: Completed
Original title: J’aime la vie
Original language: Dutch, French
Running time: 85′
Available in: 2D
Sound format: 5.1 (+sub)
Available formats: DCP